Cartridge filter KDC


KDC cartridge filters from konfAir are cartridge filters with round, standard metal end caps. The cartridge filters are available in different sizes that follow the industry standards. The filter is produces with an inner tube in metal wire mesh and on the outside it is possible to have either a supporting band or wire mesh.

The KDO cartridge filters have an open end cap on top and a closed end cap on the bottom in order for it to be mounted in filter houses where this is required. Gaskets can be placed on both the top and the bottom end cap and is available in both a triangle and a square shape.

As mentioned above the cartridge filter can be fitted with an outside supporting wire mesh. If this option is chosen, the cartridge filter can have a max length of 1200 mm. If a cartridge filter of more than 1200 mm is needed it is possible to mount a KDO cartridge filter on top of the KDC filter to reach the needed length.



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