JET Cartridge filter KPF


The KPF filter type is konfAir’s environmental friendly filter. The KPF cartridge filter contains no metal parts, instead the inner net and end caps are produced in plastic. Because all the parts of the KPF cartridge filter are flammable it is easy to dispose of the filter after it has been used. Unlike other types of cartridge filters that contain metal parts that need to be removed before disposing, the KPF cartridge filter can be disposed as flammable material directly after use. The ease of disposal and the fact that there are no metal parts in the filter, makes the KPF an environmental friendly filter.

The top cap is fitted with hooks that lock the cartridge filter to the filter house when mounted. The hooks make the cartridge filter easy to mount and secure a tight seal. Since the gasket can be mounted both on the top of the top cap and on the bottom of the top cap, the cartridge filter can both be top loaded and bottom loaded in the filter house.




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