Filter bags

Filter bags from konfAir are produced mainly in needle felt and we always find a quality that matches your needs. Most types of felt are thermo plastic and can thus be welded. We benefit from this through our automated welding line when joining the longitudinal seam and we can therefore ensure a very high and uniform quality at a competitive price.  

As part of konfAirs quality assessment procedures, we always produce a prototype of the given measurements for approval before the actual production of a new filter bag is initiated.

The design itself is done with focus on optimal fit on support baskets and hole plates. This way we achieve a perfect result that is easy to install and can be reproduced again and again.


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Focus on requirements and development



Through cooperation with the best suppliers on the market, konfAir ensures a constant focus on customer requirements and the general development of the market.

We have access to TÜV certified lab facilities where we offer to analyze filter bags throughout their life span, so that you as a customer always can count on your bags to perform the optimal. 



Optimal life span of your filter bags depend on several different factors.
At konfAir we have already addressed some of these factors during the manufacturing process so that the filtering quality matches your filter process.

Once the filter has been installed the cleaning processes has a large affect on the life span of the bags. 
If cleaned too heavily the bags will be worn; reversely cleansed too little the bags will block leading to higher energy costs. 

See video of the cleaning process here...

Certified for food production



Filter bags are used in almost all industried where particles need to be filtrated and increasingly more and stricter requirements are put on bags who need to be approved for food production.
At konfAir we pay special attention to which regulations and norms we have to meet when our product is included in a process where the finished product ends up with people. 
The main part of our food approved bags are manufactured from Poly-Ethylene-phthalate (PET), commonly referred to as polyester.




Always available



With this combination of different qualities konfAir can meet most of the needs from filtration. In case you as a customer want to test our qualities in your own lab, we will be happy to deliver a sample of the required quality for testing purposes.
And we will of course also assist you with any further counciling or documentation you may require.


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