Leak detection powder

Do you experience emission from your filter and suspect it to stem from a simple leakage in your filter? 

In stead of replacing expensive spare parts haphazardly you can start by adding fluorescent powder which will glow when a UV-lamp is used to detect it. This way a leakage is easily found and can be repaired without you having to change in the worst case all filter bags - if it turns out that only a single bag is responsible for the leak.

The powder has an average particle size of approx. 4 µm and will therefore easily pass through from the dust side to the clean air side if there is a defekt somewhere.
The powder is easily distributed by adding it directly to the filter inlet. Hereafter the powder will spread as a thin layer all over the dust side.

After repairing a leakage we recommend you to perform a second powder test, and for this purpose its recommendable to switch to another colour of powder to distinguish between the two tests.

We always carry 2 different colours in stock for quick delivery.

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