Textile ducts

konfAir delivers textile ducts both for industry and office areas.
In the construction of your textile ducts we take into account both functional and visual matters so that you get the best solution in terms of air colling and distribtion.
As a new feature we now also offer to deliver your bags with a printed image - only your imagination will set the limit.

Pictures or logo can be printed directly on the bag. The ink type is water based and releases no harmfull substances into the air. Further, the ink is of the highest quality and is thus highly resistant towards fading from sunlight and is also suitable for machine washing.

Before printing the bags ther are impregnated to yield an optimal image display and in connection with this we have the possibility of adding extra features. For instance  an anti- bacteria impregnation or a dirt repellant coating.

With a printed picture or logo you will under all circumstances pep up your otherwise anonomous  textile ducts and at the same time experience a pleasent distribution of fresh air.


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Better workplace environment

There is an increasing attention to workplace environment and here indoor climate plays an important role.



Research has shown that the optimal work temperature in an office should be between 21 and 23 degrees C, but already at temperatures above 24 degrees, the air will feel heavy leading to reduced effeciency.
Further, a complete change of air 0,5-2 times per hour in offices and preferably up to 6 times in conference rooms to keep the air fresh, so that employees don't feel exhausted and 'dull'.
As a rule of thumb we recommend that 36 m3 air/hour/person is added.

In a typical office you experience large, open areas with many people in the same room. This means that a large amount of air should be supplied every hour. If the injection occurs only a single place in the room the speed of the air stream increases leading to inconvenience from draught for those closest to the injection.
This will often lead to a reduction of the air supply to accomodate the affected people yet resulting in a rise in temperature and an insufficient change of air which will lead to that a part of the office 'air enviroment' seem dense and 'heavy'.

A ventilation bag can supply large amounts of air to a room for both cooling and circulation. The large area of the bag contributes to lower the air stream and thus air speed and inconvinience from draught are kept at an absolute minimum.


Combining the advantages from minimizing the air speed and having a nice graphical print you can achieve a visual and functional cooperation of design and indoor climate both in the office, reception or in the workshop.


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