Pocket filters

When you purchase filters at konfAir you receive a product which performs ideal under all circumstances.
Our filters for the prodcess industry are all manufactured in synthetic material, which has the advantage that it is suited to every environments, even humid.

konfAir have created a department where we can produce pocket filters, both standard and by measurements with plastic frame. This means that you don't have to wait for delivery from abroad - all pocket filters are manufactured in Herning and can therefor be shipped to you by extremely short notice.


Before ordering pocket filters, you can click the following link and see some guidelines. This will ensure that the product fits - the first time. Click here to read the guide.


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Filtration principle

The filter material is built in a composite structure with up to 3 layers who manages individual jobs - one layer for each particle size. Thus an optimal depth filtration is achieved where the particles are distributed in and on the filter material.  
To the right you can see sketches showing the difference between surface and depth-filtration. Its obvious that the air passes most easily through the felt when the dust particles are evenly distributed throughout the filter media.
  Surface filtering Debth filtration


This debth-filtration helps keep the pressure loss at a minimum throughout the life span of the filter - benefitting your energy costs and the environment.



The opening and length of every pocket is closely aligned to achieve optimum airflow through the filter, thereby making optimal use of the entire filter area.

A typical F5 filter in std. size 592x592x600 contains six pockets, giving the best flow throughout the filter.
Adding pockets to the same type of filter will result in unused filter surface, because the pockets collapses in the bottom, resulting in poorer performance and waste of filtering area.

To the right is a picture of a used pocket filter that is cut open.
It is evident that there are clean, unused areas at the bottom.
This is due to the fact that there has been too many pockets in the frame and the opening has therefore become too narrow leading to an inefficient use of the pocket.



Our pocket filters are delivered with label containing information so that you can easily see which quality is used, when the filter is produced, and optional your own mark for filter placement.





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