konfAir also sells V-belts. As a natural extension of our sales of ventilation products, it is often advantageous to change the V-belt at the same time as you change the ventilation filter as the filter is open anyway.

We mainly sell V-belts from German Optibelt, which has a wide product range of high quality.

It is important that V-belts and pulleys fit together well so that the power is transferred from the strap to the pulley with least amount of loss. Wear and tear causes power to be lost as friction is reduced between the strap and the pulley.

If the pulley is worn, a groove may form from which the belt must be constantly removed. This reduces engine power and ultimately results in a higher electricity bill.
A worn V-belt or pulley will result in higher energy costs more quickly than switching to a new set would.

Guidelines for choosing and understanding codes when purchasing a V-belt can be found here.

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