konfAir cooperates with the best suppliers in the market for cages.
Your wishes, konfAir's experiences and the expertise of the suppliers are united and we can therefore deliver cages of very high quality suited to meet your exact needs.
The cages are manufactured by order and shipped directly to your filtering plant. If you have also bought your bags from us and need to change both at the same time, we will naturally make sure that both items arrive simultaneously thus keeping your plant shut for the least amount of time.

We deliver differnt cages in all steel types from stainless to regular black steel. In addition all types are post treated with for instance electroplating or the like, so that the cages will function optimal for your process.

Common for all cages are that they are packed soundly and shipped in corrosion inhibiting material to make sure they are not damaged during transportation and will be ready for use when you need them.


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