As a new feature we have startet to sell V-belts. This comes as a natural extension of our sales of ventilation products because your company can beneift from changing the V-belt simultaneously with changing the ventilation filter since the filter is already open.

Primarily we supply V-belts from German producer Optibelt which carries a wide assortment of high quality.

Guide to choice and understanding of codes when purchasing V-belts.





It is important that V-belts and discs fit together in order to transfer the power from belt to disc with the least possible loss. Wear can lead to a loss of power since the friction between disc and belt is lessened.
If the disc is worn a furrow can develop which the belt will constantly have to be pulled out from leading to a loss of power to the engine and ultimately a high electricity bill for you.
A worn V-belt or disc can therefore quickly cost more in energy costs than the expenditure of changing to a new set.

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