Filter mats

Filter mats are often used in a ventilation system as a pre-filter in front of a panel filter or pocket filter.
A pre-filter is used where the dust concentration is very high, to capture the largest particles in the filter mats and protect the ventilation filter itself.


Prefilter mats in synthetic filter media

We supply filter mats in 100% synthetic filter media and cut the mats to your desired measure, directly on our CAD/CAM cutter. By using the konfAir cutter, you are guaranteed a high level of precision which ensures that the filter mats fit perfectly.



  • Effective as a pre-filter
  • Can be customized in all sizes
  • Available in many qualities


  • Fast and flexible delivery
  • EN ISO 16890 approved
  • Datasheets on request

Quality and size

konfAir's filter mats can be manufactured in many different qualities and in all sizes. For use in spray booths, a certain M5 filter media with scrim is used. It is especially suitable for ceiling or wall mounting as it is more stable than a standard filter media. In addition, we stock a Paint-stop quality which is a high-efficient glass fibre media, for use in for example painting booths.


Below is an overview of the qualities:

EN 779:2012 ISO 16890
G2 ISO Coarse 40%
G3 ISO Coarse 50%
G4 ISO Coarse 65%
M5 ISO Coarse 95%
M5 with scrim ISO ePM10 60%


How do I choose the right filter mats for my customer?

Hos konfAir har vi mange års erfaring i valget af de rigtige filtermåtter tilpasset omgivelserne. Vi stiller dig nogle uddybende spørgsmål og beder dig oplyse målene på de ønskede filtermåtter, så vi sammen finder de mest effektive og energirigtige filtre til din kunde.




A proper ventilation is today a big part of a good and healthy indoor climate. At konfAir you get honest and professional guidance in choosing the right filters for ventilation.

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